General Website FAQs

General Web Site FAQs

This website is run by resident volunteers not the management office. Any questions, comments, or problems should be emailed to [email protected]

  • Question: I forgot my password. Is there a way to retrieve my password information from the site?
    Answer: Yes. On the Login Screen, there is a link labeled 'Forgot your Password?'. Click on that. On the next screen, enter your email address as it appears in the profile. 

  • Question: I would rather not login every time I come to the site. Can't I save my password?
    Answer: Yes you can! Simply check the box labeled 'Remember me' on the login screen, and the web site will store a cookie on your computer. Every time you visit the website, the web site will automatically log you in; however, you will still need to enter your login information if you log out or visit the web site on a different computer. NOTE: We highly recommend that you DO NOT save your login information if you are accessing the web site on a public computer.

  • Question: The web site automatically logs me in every time I click Login. How can I get the login screen back?
    Answer: You need to log out and when logging in again, uncheck the "Remember me" box on the login screen.

  • Question: How do I log off the web site?
    Answer: Click on the "Welcome" drop-down menu at the upper right side of the screen. Click on "Log out." 

  • Question: I would like to have my information completely removed from the address book, but I still want access to the website. Is that possible?
    Answer: Yes! Click on the "Welcome" drop-down menu at the upper right side of the screen. Click on "Account settings", chose the Privacy tab, and check the box "Hide my account completely from the directory" under Account Privacy Preferences.